Back in summer 2020, we were beginning each tasting session with a small game. The game has a strong educational and entertaining component. Let's see how you like it! ;)

At MBC, we played in a group of three, but the number of participants is virtually unlimited. That's a perfect game for a small group of friends or for a home party. Well, playing in a pub also sounds fun!


Step 1. Get a sample beer: buy a beer that you would like to share with your mates. In a bottle or a can, from the tap -- does not matter!

Step 2. Research: every beer (or brewery) has a unique story. Google it. No, really. You would be surprised to learn that a beer you are holding was named after someone's ex, or that it won multiple awards worldwide.

Step 3. Pick your fave facts — two truths and one lie: after you've done an extensive dive into the history of your beer (or brewery), prepare the game material.

Pick two facts about the beer (or brewery) that are true, and twist one fact a little bit. Write them down, or you will forget! Your mates are supposed to guess which one is a lie.


Here's an example of the three facts about one of Hanna's (and the world's) favourites -- BrewDog's Punk IPA

🍺 It has an overall score 96/100 on RateBeer

🍺 For the 12 months to 7 September 2019, Punk IPA was the best selling craft beer in the UK

🍺 In 2009, in an arms race to produce the worlds strongest beer, BrewDog launched a beer called "Tactical Nuclear Penguin", with 32% alcohol, which was claimed to be the strongest beer ever made. Today, three of its beers are among the top ten strongest beers ever produced in the history of humankind

Which is a lie?


Step 4. Prepare the tasting set. Pour the beers into smaller tasting glasses.

Step 5. Present your beer. Show the bottle/can to your mates. Now present the three facts you've prepared earlier. Have they guessed which one was a lie? Congrats, that was an educated choice.


Shake, sniff, sip!


How is it? Rate your beer just like we do so that you always remember how that spontaneous stout tastes.

Step 6. Scores! Rate the beer on three parameters on a scale from 0 to 5:

  • Taste: How did it taste in general?

  • Aroma: Remember the moment you first smelled it?

  • Design: Rate the visual appearance/design of the bottle/can

Do that in secret first so that your scores and those of your mates are not correlated. Write them down on a piece of paper and then calculate averages.

Not sure how to taste beer? Check out the instructions in our blog.


Repeat the procedure with each beer entry.